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June 2017

HEADLINE : Dr. Geoffrey Mead appointed to lead Pevensey Timeline project

FEATURE : REVIEW—twenty seven years teaching creative professionals across Sussex……


Dr Geoffery Mead, of the University of Sussex, has been appointed to lead the research teaching aspect of the Big Lottery funded, Pevensey Timeline project.

The Pevensey Timeline Association was offered a grant of £7,367 in April. This coming week it begins to teach the first group of villagers how to conduct local historical research, which forms the cornerstone of the project.

Following interviews on Wednesday (May 14), the Association has appointed Dr. Geoffrey Mead to lead the small group of tutors that will be responsible for the teaching aspect of the year long plan.

Dr. Mead is a popular and well known figure in adult education history teaching circles in Sussex.

His work with the Centre for Community Engagement at the University of Sussex has featured in the national press, with, for example, his academic tours of Brighton’s murky past giving a boost to the new film version of Graham Greene’s classic novel, Brighton Rock.

His doctoral research is in the development of interwar suburbia and the associated issues of landscape change and housing issues.

He currently does a lot of work in lecturing and teaching in the areas of Sussex coastal landscapes, Sussex agricultural history and Sussex industrial history.

Dianne Dear, chair of the Pevensey Timeline Association said; ‘to have attracted someone of the calibre of Dr Geoffery Mead to the project is exciting. He is clearly not just one of the most high profile and best qualified local historians working in Sussex, he is also, by all accounts, a very engaging speaker and tutor. It is such a privilege to have him leading the project’.

Photograph: Frank Baron for the Guardian:
New film version of Brighton Rock has boosted demand for Geoffrey Mead’s tours of the city

Computer Box
Pevensey Timeline May 2014—May 2015

The Computer Box role is to develop and help manage the Pevensey Timeline. Teaching work is with up to twenty villagers in the locality, through the year.

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