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June 2017

HEADLINE : Dr. Geoffrey Mead appointed to lead Pevensey Timeline project

FEATURE : REVIEW—twenty seven years teaching creative professionals across Sussex……


Association member, Val Coppard becomes the first student to see her work woven live into the Pevensey Timeline.

The first starter course in which three villagers learned how to research, edit and work technically with the timeline is now complete. The successful conferment of the students certification to work on the timeline was celebrated with a ceremonial cup of tea in the Bay Diner!

All three students are now busy working on areas of personal interest from detailed research on key property deeds to the history of the Black Death in the village!

Val was keen to give it a go with her skills first. Her choice of subject area has both interest and appeal.

The piece focuses on a part of the village that has been central to its story for hundreds of years, the Cattle Market car park.

Working on the entry, ‘From Cattle to Cars’, Val commented, ‘it all started with me wanting to try and get a resident’s pass for the car park in Pevensey and it went from there really!!!’.

At first Val said she found the learning ‘a little daunting, but interesting’, but that the teaching had ‘built her confidence’. After working on the entry, she explained that the process seemed to become easier as she ‘wove various sources together’.

The entry first appeared on the training version of the timeline, set out for students to practice their editing and html skills. From there, once complete, it was transferred and appeared live on the Pevensey Timeline, ‘the 2,000 year story of Pevensey and its rich history’.

The entry starts in 1848, with the cattle market, following the story up to 2015, when the Magna Carta MegaBus is due to arrive in the Cattle Market car park in the village as part of the celebrations for the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta.

Asked about whether she intended to rest on her laurels with her first piece of research complete, she replied with a glint in her eye. ‘No’, she said ‘I’m thinking of working on a piece about the Sovereign Light next!!!’

Browse ‘From Cattle to Cars’ here on the Pevensey Timeline

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